A New Generation of Tenants Needs a New Generation of Landlords
Jess Reno
Jess Reno - Photo
Craig Stanghetta
Craig Stanghetta - Photo

A New Generation of Tenants Needs a New Generation of Landlords

Member: Jess Reno Member: Craig Stanghetta Films: Ryan Savella Motion Graphics: Geoff Hunt

When it comes to keeping great local restaurants, cafés, bars and retail shops in our most cherished neighbourhoods, we stand at an uneasy cultural crossroads.

We are witnessing a time of significant urban development in our city. Every new tower, low-rise building, and masterplan community brings the promise of retail space on the ground floor. And with that, the opportunity to add new cultural anchor members to the neighbourhood – dreamers wanting desperately to become the heart and soul of these communities.

But with rapid growth and opportunity comes hurdles for this new generation of tenants. Will landlords share their experience, guidance, and support, fostering the best conditions for these burgeoning entrepreneurs to succeed?

The Urban Experience Alliance talks to Jess Reno, Owner of Nemesis Coffee and Craig Stanghetta, Founder of Ste. Marie Studio and Co-Owner of Osteria Savio Volpe in Vancouver to discuss their origins, obstacles they’ve faced, and their sincere belief that new cultural ground can be found between the new generation of tenants and landlords.

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