We are a united front. The Urban Experience Alliance is a shared exploration of how story, brand and design can influence our most beloved urban landscapes.

We are a growing collaborative of passionate placemakers and creative storytellers. Our alliance members represent different disciplines but are united in the belief that telling the stories of place is as important as creating them.

The Alliance

It’s our duty to produce the unexpected and tie it to a strong narrative. We want people to be excited to come to work every day.

Janay Koldingnes
Interior Designer, Edit Studios
Janay Koldingnes - Photo

The bonds of our communities are built in the places where we gather. The stronger the bonds, the sturdier the structure, and the healthier the community.

Chloe Smith
Co-Founder, Townsite Brewing Inc
Chloe Smith - Photo

We need more listening, to have the places we move into tell us who it is and what it needs.

Joy Pecknold
Writer, Joy Pecknold
Joy Pecknold - Photo

The way we make and manufacture is changing. How do we connect the creativity happening inside drab light industrial areas to an otherwise vibrant community?

Jorden Foss
Co-Founder, Steel & Oak Brewing
Jorden Foss - Photo

Place has the power to connect and inspire. Where we are, inspires who we are.

Amanda Oster
Photographer, Provoke Studios
Amanda Oster - Photo

To play a role in fostering community culture through intentional placemaking, is both an inspiring and humbling pursuit.

Adam Mills
Co-Founder, Four Winds Brewing Co.
Adam Mills - Photo

Development and cities need to believe in the economic potential culture. We need to put more trust in entrepreneurs to craft and shape their communities.

Josh Vanderheide
Founder of Many Things, Field House Brewing
Josh Vanderheide - Photo

As architects, we have a unique ability, and responsibility, to positively influence the social, urban and environmental fabric of society through creative placemaking.

Melissa Higgs
Principal, hcma
Melissa Higgs - Photo

Clear placemaking should be the core of the development process. It drives our wellbeing and the narrative for our lives.

Tim Ng
Principal, ADHOC studio
Tim Ng - Photo

Our studio's purpose is to bring possible worlds to life. We exist to evoke feeling, engineer experience and activate that which can and should be.

Craig Stanghetta
Founder, Ste. Marie Studio
Craig Stanghetta - Photo

Cultural placemaking is the best investment of public wealth I can think of. Education, health, wellness, social equity, arts, culture, sustainability, civic identity – it’s an investment in everything we hold dear.

Joseph Fry
Principal, Hapa Collaborative
Joseph Fry - Photo

We need to explore the cultural shift in local design from architectural banality to architectural vanity and whether this has contributed to making our neighbourhoods any better.

Andrew Emmerson
Principal, GBL Architects
Andrew Emmerson - Photo

Understanding place as a feeling as much as it is a destination allows us to create built environments where everyone can thrive.

Joey Stevens
Principal, GBL Architects
Joey Stevens - Photo

People live and work in spaces, and move within and between spaces. The individual characteristics of space are vital in determining our quality of life.

Maxine Jakubke
Principal, PUBLiSH Partners
Maxine Jakubke - Photo

Placemaking is not a science, it is a wonderful, collaborate form of art.

Tak Yukawa
Co-Founder, Free Agency Creative
Tak Yukawa - Photo

It’s always important that we mean something to our neighbourhoods and that our neighbourhoods mean even more to the people who visit us.

Jess Reno
Founder, Nemesis Coffee
Jess Reno - Photo

Empathy is the most powerful tool a designer has, if we only have the courage to use it.

Don Williams
Co-Founder, Free Agency Creative
Don Williams - Photo

Physical square feet matters more when used as an anchor to gather community, inspire creativity and foster engaging experiences for modern creators and consumers.

Ken Bautista
Partner, Make Space Group
Ken Bautista - Photo

Champion them and there. These relationships, the sensations of music, food and art simply move the needle. The people and places that colour your immediate life deserve to be celebrated.

Ryan Savella
Filmmaker & Photographer, Arcade Original
Ryan Savella - Photo

As an illustrator, I tell people’s stories through drawing. These stories of our communities help us realize we’re not alone, especially in these isolated times.

Rachel Beyer
Illustrator & Animator, Rachel Beyer

Cultural placemaking is the foundational building block for creating a vibrant community filled with a sense of belonging.

Tyler Lemermeyer
Illustrator, Lemermeyer Illustrations

We are sensitive to our environments. We have an opportunity to affect ourselves positively by considering what we place around us.

Adam Blasberg
Owner, Adam Blasberg Photography

As neighbourhoods and cities evolve, so do their stories. How we tell them can bridge the gap between past and future, fostering a true sense of place.

Geoff Hunt
Principal & Creative Director, Tiny Vikings
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