A Story of Beer, Place & Urban Agriculture
Adam Mills
Adam Mills - Photo

A Story of Beer, Place & Urban Agriculture

Member: Adam Mills Films: Amanda Oster

“At our next project in the Tsawwassen Southlands, we get the ability to be the focal point, the anchor to this community but be so connected to the farming and agriculture that is just at our doorstep”

During the summer of 2022, Four Winds Brewing Company, located in Delta, broke ground on their second brewing facility, in the heart of the new community, Southlands, Tsawwassen. Rooted in the ideals of urban agriculture and supporting local business, Southlands has collaborated with Four Winds to build a unique cornerstone for the community, with a 8600 sq ft brewery & retail space and craft beer made with locally grown ingredients.

The Urban Experience Alliance talks to Adam Mills, Co-Owner and Founder of Four Winds about his plans for the new venture, opening in 2023.

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