Rethinking Light Industrial Neighbourhoods Over a Pint
Jorden Foss
Jorden Foss - Photo

Rethinking Light Industrial Neighbourhoods Over a Pint

Member: Jorden Foss Films: Ben Chick

Jorden Foss, the owner operator of Steel & Oak Brewing Company talks about the future of micro retail and the need to move “artisanal makers” closer to urban centres and their residents.

The meteoric rise of craft beer in Metro Vancouver over the past decade can largely be attributed to the shift in how customers interact with breweries. Loosened regulations around light industrial spaces enabled brewers to open their doors to the public, merging light industrial with retail and bridging the physical distance between beer drinkers and their beloved craft breweries.

The Urban Experience Alliance talks to Jorden Foss, Owner of Steel & Oak and Partner at Herald St. Brew Works to find out how developers, municipalities, and entrepreneurs can partner to improve light industrial spaces for future breweries and other artisanal craftsmen in communities across British Columbia.

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